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Click above to check out our updated list of in-person and virtual free classes for French, Spanish and English with the Martin County Library System and Zoom. 


Tenemos cursos de inglés, francés y español virtuales e in-person utilizando Zoom o Whatsapp free of charge. Listado de cursos anexo. También tenemos cursos de preparación para Residentes Permanentes para el examen de Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos. Tanto el curso como el material de estudio son gratis. Haga cliqué arriba.



 Ana Boscan Shaw. 18 años de servicio a la comunidad: Hispanics in Action, Inc. and Nelson Merchan-Cely advise the community that Ms. Ana Boscan Shaw has completed 18 years of service in the Treasure Coast preparing Permanent Residents to become United States Citizens. She prepared  hundreds of students in a very practical and effective way. More than 800 have been able to succeed becoming US Citizens. 

We wish to express our gratitude to Ms. Boscan Shaw for her years of volunteering without charging any penny and what is more valuable directly from her own apartment - her classroom. She is moving to another state where her family resides. If you want to greet her please call at 240-620-4079. God bless and best wishes in her new home.   

Citizenship. The President cancelled the 128 questions for citizenship on April 19, 2021.  It means that the 100 questions form will continue in force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF2ZcNXWoUU

New US Citizens. Hispanics in Action, Inc. is very pleased to congratulate our students: Veronica Gonzalez y Alicia Olivia: "Having complied in all respects with all of the applicable provisions  of the naturalization laws of the United States , being  entitled to be admitted as a citizen of the United States, being entitled to be admitted as a citizen of the United States , and having taken the oath of allegiance at a ceremony conducted by the U.S. CITIZENSHIP AND INMIGRATION SERVICES at Royal Palm Beach, Florida''. 

New Citizenship Teacher.  Hispanics in Action is very pleased to let the community know that Ms. Bobbi Hilyard, will be the teacher in charge of the preparation of Permanent Residents to become citizens of the United States, starting April 17, 2021. Ms Hilyard has practice and is knowledgeable of the appropriate procedure to succeed in her classes. Her native language is English but she also speaks some Spanish.

If you are a Permanent Resident, willing to become a US Citizen and have a good knowledge of English please contact Nelson Merchan-Cely at Tel. 772-924-1002 office hours or by email at nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com.



 HIA is very pleased to inform you that our very advanced Virtual Spanish student, Dr. Stephen Chase, just published his book: Forever Sunrise - A River to Immortality, a science fiction adventure novel. 

Let's take a look at his Author's Note:

"As an emergency Medicine Physician for forty-five years, I've often encountered death and maladies related to aging. I've met very few people who looked forward to experiencing either of those certainties. What if science surprises us again?  What if aging and death could be prevented? How many would line up for the shot?  Would you be one? My first Nobel, FOREVER SUNRISE, might help you make that decision".

If interested, you can find it on Amazon.com. 


  • Citizenship English Classes. Hispanics in Action, Inc, very pleased to welcome our students Veronica Pardo, Olivia Zuleta y Ruth Rodriguez new US Citizens. As well as Melania Navarro y Veronica Gonzales who will present their Citizenship interview next week.
  • Thanks to the dedication of our Citizenship Adviser, Ana Boscan Shaw, Hispanics in Action, has been able to prepare more than 800 United States citizens in our 18 years of operations.
  • Free English classes for intermediate level students at Holy Cross Catholic Church, 15939 SW 150th Street, Indiantown on Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
  • Free English virtual classes for beginners beginning April 5. If interested please call Tel. 772-924-1002 or email: nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com.
  • Free English virtual classes for intermediate level beginning April 5, 2021. For additional information please call 772-924-1002 or email nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com.
  • French ongoing classes on Monday’s for advanced beginners at 10 a.m. If interested please email Ms. Florence Burns at Fburnsnj@aol.com
  • French ongoing classes on Tuesday’s for intermediate level at 10 a.m. If interested please email Ms. Florence Burns at Fburnsnj@aol.com
  • French ongoing classes on Wednesday’s for advanced level at 8:45 a.m. If interested please email Ms. Florence Burns at Fburnsnj@aol.com
  • French classes for beginners started Saturday March 20 at 10 a.m.
  • Note: Students can call her home phone 772 283 5085, or cell 772 341 6141.
  • Free Spanish virtual classes for advanced beginners 1 to 1 beginning April 5, 2021. If interested please email nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com or call at 772-924-1002.

Our classes are practical, conversational and free



Holidays for Christmas and early 2021: Last class December 11 and start of classes January 11, 2021.
Vacaciones por Navidad y principios del 2021: Última clase 11 de diciembre e inicio de clases 11 de enero, 2021.  



For our classes in January 2021, we recommend you register now. 

Remember that our courses are practical, conversational and completely free. We were founded on July 11, 2005, as a non-profit organization. Our students receive their classes not only within the area of ​​the Treasure Coast, Florida, but also in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Connecticut, Bogotá, Colombia and Quebec, Canada, thanks to the virtual Zoom system. 

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Recuerde que nuestros cursos son prácticos, conversacionales y completamente gratis. Fundada el 11 de julio del 2005, organización sin ánimo de lucro. Nuestros estudiantes reciben sus clases no solo dentro del área de la Costa del Tesoro, Florida, sino también en Massachusetts, Carolina del Norte, Connecticut, Bogotá, Colombia y Quebec, Canadá, gracias al sistema virtual de Zoom.   

Visitenos en Facebook, en esto sitio de red o directamente a nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com