Hispanics in Action, Inc.is happy to welcome the following permanent residents who have become United States citizens: Raul Solanilla, Elizabeth Arse, Haidee Matos and Flor Valenzuela. 

The special personal preparation was provided by Ana Boscan Shaw, our Immigration Adviser. She has done this job for more than 14 years, not only preparing them for the 100 questions, but also with improving their English and filling out the appropriate forms. She has prepared more than 400 permanent residents to become US Citizens, free of charge, during that time. 

The following permanent residents are scheduled to present for the appropriate test during April and May: Isabel Perez, Dalia Nolazco, Olga Rodriguezm, Isabel Reyes, Johana Ruiz, Liudmila Perez, Daniela Wert, and Alberto Cruz. 

Also being prepared: Olga Pena, Elena Perez, Ivon Pelto, Yaquelin Reyes, Javier Wert, Luz Silva, Angel Gamboa, Yaneyri Paulino, Franklin Martinez, Juliet Armas, Mirta Caron. 

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